How can I be Supporter / Super Supporter?

You can become a Supporter to get the Recycle button and some bonus skin colors. To do that, you either need to buy gems with real money (any amount of gems will do) at least one time, or use TapJoy (the "Earn Free Gems" button in the in-game store) to earn 7,000 gems or more. 

You don't have to do all the TapJoy at once. Once you add up to 7,000 gems of TapJoy you will gain Supporter status.

Super Supporter is the next level and is for people who have spent over 25 USD in Growtopia or the equivalent in free TapJoy offers. For supporting Growtopia at that level you receive access to the /warp command and some extra skin colors.

Every time you watch an ad and get some gems, it will tell you how many gems more are required to reach Supporter or Super Supporter. Also, you can combine purchases and TapJoy offers to reach the total amount - it does not have to be one or the other. 

Please note that Supporter and Super Supporter status is tied to one account, and they will not be transferred to your other accounts. If you are a Super Supporter but don't like that your flag and name are bigger, type /hidestatus .