How can I change my e-mail?

If you wish to change the e-mail address attached to your GrowID, please visit the Change E-mail page.  

Check your e-mail spam filter to make sure the confirmation e-mails aren't being deleted before they get to you. Sometimes the spam filters get a little over-enthusiastic! Be sure to check any folder labeled "Spam" or "Junk". Gmail sometimes puts our e-mails in the "Promotions" tab. You can prevent our emails from getting thrown away before you see them by marking us as "Not Spam" and/or adding us to your "white list" or "contact" lists. 

This is an automated system that will allow you to change the registered e-mail on your GrowID. You will need to click links it sends to both the old and new e-mail address for verification. 

If you do not know your e-mail address or you entered a fake or incorrect one when you created your GrowID, we suggest creating a new GrowID with correct information and moving your items to that account.