How can I protect my child online and in Growtopia?

We advise parents to consult the following link since it covers many important aspects regarding Online Safety:


Here are some basic guidelines adapted to our game which you should share with your children for their own online and real-life safety:

  • Never share any personal information, such as: age, home address, phone number, school name, current location, daily routine, personal social network accounts (i.e.: facebook, Instagram, twitter), personal pictures or videos – Ubisoft employees will NEVER ask for any personal information.;
  • Use a fictional IGN (In-Game Name) and never share ANY password from anything with anyone – Ubisoft employees will NEVER ask for any passwords;
  • Never agree to meet in real life with anyone they met online without previous parent approval and/or supervision of that meeting – Ubisoft employees will never require an appointment and events made by Ubisoft will always be announced at our Official Social accounts;
  • Never respond to a threatening email, text message or text – and if such situation occurs, they should immediately inform their Parents if they are unaware about the situation for the best course of action;
  • Always tell a parent or other trusted adult about any communication or conversation that they felt it was scary or hurtful.


We also have some basic guidelines regarding Parental Supervision:

  • Keep the usage of the electronical devices in common areas, this way you will be able to watch and monitor the usage, we also strongly advise to not leave young children at their bedrooms unsupervised at their online activities. Monitor the time spent on these same electronical devices;
  • Keep your Credit Card in a safe place and keep track of the credit card and phone bills for any unfamiliar changes;
  • Stay alert to your child’s online behavior.