How to keep your account safe

It isn't possible to just "hack an account" in Growtopia and get a password.

However, you can lose your account if you don't practice standard internet password security tips.  Here is some advice to follow to stay safe, so read them, please!

Your account cannot be hacked as long as you follow these five simple rules. They don't just apply to Growtopia but to all passwords in your life.  This is very important stuff to remember to keep you safe, with your banking accounts, medical records, and anything else that uses a password.
  1. Never use a simple password that somebody could just guess (your own name, your account name, "12345", or similar).
  2. Never tell anyone your password. There is nobody in the world who needs to know it. We don't need it, and will never ask for it. Your friends don't need it, they have their own accounts and the game lets you trade all the items you want to them. Don't give your password to anyone!
  3. Never download files from places you don't trust.  They could be viruses capable of stealing your information. If you're not 100% sure about the site you're on, just don't use it.
  4. Never let other people use your device. Your password is already typed in there, so they don't even need to know it to log into your account!
  5. Use a different password for each account, game or website.  Otherwise, if one of them leaks out, then you've lost multiple things. 

It's that easy to keep yourself safe, and it's really important to know all of these rules for a lot more than Growtopia.

Please note that support will not restore any items lost or stolen from a hacked account, these requests will be ignored.