I've been scammed!

We are sorry to hear you have been a victim of scams. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to fix the scams, nor return your lost items..

Please remember that you can avoid most scams by being careful:
  • Never, ever drop your items around other players unless you want them stolen.
  • Don't give people access to your world unless you are willing to risk losing your world.
  • Don't remove locks from your world when other people are around.
  • Never, ever share your password with anyone for any reason.  Not even our mods or our support desk should ever know your password!
  • If someone knows your password, change it right now.
  • Use /ignore to stop people from talking to you.
  • If you find a drop game... just leave.  They can't scam you if you aren't there.
  • Never click accept in a trade until you have carefully checked that it is exactly what you want.
  • Never pay for access, casinos, trust tests, giveaways, dice games, and any other games that require you to give an item in exchange for a promise, as they are 99.9% sure to be scams.  If you don't want to be scammed... don't participate.
  • World Trades will only guarantee you ownership of the world you are standing in.  It doesn't ensure that you get any items that are in the world.
  • Vending machines: It is very important that you check the confirmation screen when buying from a vending machine or making a trade. Sadly some players will try to trick you by changing prices, or lying about what item they are selling. Don't let them scam you! Always read what the confirmation says, as we guarantee that what is listed there is what will really happen. Unless you or the other person cancels, in which case nothing happens at all.
Growtopia is a game about gathering, collecting and protecting items. We have provided multiple ways to keep those items secure from other players, including passwords, locks, trade systems, and many other things. It is up to you to use those items strategically to keep others from stealing your stuff.

We cannot return items that you allow another player to steal from you.

We understand your frustration with what has happened, but in the end, it's up to you to be skeptical about what is "too good to be true" (scams) and be careful. 

Please read further for tips that will help you keep your account and items protected. 

  • NEVER tell anyone (not even your best friend or brother) your password, for any reason;
  • Always erase your password after you log out, if you share a device with anyone;
  • Never give out your password to anyone, and don't enter it on any website that promises you moderator positions or free gems;
  • Keep your e-mail password secure so people can't contact us pretending to be you.
  • Never give people access to your locks. This allows them to enter your world and take your stuff when you're gone;
  • Always make all brown door IDs very complicated. If they are too easy, people can use them to sneak in;
  • Always verify that your locks are securing the areas you think they are. Look carefully for the dotted lines;
  • Put a roof on any "rooms" you create close to the top of the world.
  • Always look carefully at your system trade items before clicking "Accept". People can switch items at the end. If you have to click accept again, they have changed something!
  • Never pay someone for "entrance" or to "buy a world". They usually plan to world ban you and steal your stuff
  • NEVER play "Drop to win" type games. They plan to world ban you and steal your stuff
  • Many quizzes, parkours, and other games are scams. If they ask you to give them items, they're scamming you
  • Never "drop trade". Once you drop an item, it's no longer yours. 
In general, you have to use critical thinking and common sense. You can protect yourself from scammers simply by refusing to play with or near them! Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it's probably a scam! It is your responsibility to keep your items secure from other players. Luckily, it's really easy: Just say "no" and leave the area!