My device / IP is banned but showing a different user!

Well, once an account is banned, it will automatically ban all the devices that have recently used it as well. The reason you see this message is because, the account or an account affiliated with it have logged in from your device or network. This is why we ask you to be careful of who you share your device with. This is to prevent scammers from simply creating a new account and logging in to continue scamming.

If you are sharing your device with someone who is breaking the rules, we are sorry, but you will end up sharing their punishment as well. You should be very careful about who you allow to access your device.You might also want to have a conversation with whomever caused your device to be punished to let them know how it makes you feel. The punishment on your device will be automatically removed when it expires. 

If you think that the ban is not justified or was a mistake please contact support team here:

For Mobile (iOS and Android) contact us in-game.