My First World!

Hello Growtopian!

Welcome to our universe of endless creativity and fun! Since we know it might be a little bit overwhelming to face so many cool things at once - here are some words of advice!

Make sure you carefully read the tutorial in the game as it will have some very good information for you. It's always better to read the information there than learning it "the hard way". 

Also, you can spend some time in the world "START" – it can give you some more insights into the rules and gameplay;

You can take a look at these Growtorials we’ve created to make your early game as smooth as possible :)

It is always better to visit some random empty world to test out everything, but remember, if the world is not protected by a lock, then it means anyone can come in and steal your items! So be careful and don't drop any items you want to keep. Technically, any items you drop in a world that is not locked - are not yours anymore. Here you can see a short tutorial on getting your first lock.

You can get your lock from the in-game store, but you’ll need to get some gems first. Try breaking blocks and harvesting trees to get some gems for the start!

You can also try the Tapjoy Offers (available only on iOS and Android) which are available under the Shop Section. With these offers you can get free gems. Our offers don’t require credit cards or physical addresses. By fulfilling these offers you can get decent amounts of gems to help you progress faster, for instance, instead of a Small Lock you can be using a World Lock – for free :)

Once you are ready and you managed to farm enough gems for your first lock – most likely a small lock, then it's time to start thinking about your world's name! Simply exit the world you are in and keep typing world names until you can find an empty world which you can lock and make it yours!

Once you have a world that is locked, it’s time to get creative and do whatever you like most! 
As a start, you can visit these cool worlds to see how creative our players can be!: KDERBY TOMANDSJERRY STARRYNIGHT

Note that we also advise you to get a GrowID and enable advanced account protection in the pause menu – so your account is always safe and sound :)

And remember these useful links:

- The Growtopia Team