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Wanna talk about Growtopia? We want you to do that too! Here's the stuff you need to know if you want to sound hip to the Tope.
(Don't say "hip to the Tope" if you want to sound hip in any way)
Fact Sheet

Seth Robinson of Robinson Technologies and
Mike Hommel of Hamumu Software.

Release Date:

January 11, 2013





Free to play, with in-app currency purchase. Currency can be earned through gameplay as well, for truly free play.


Twitter: @hamumu and @rtsoft


Growtopia is an experimental multiplayer creative sandbox platformer with crafting. There are no goals, just an infinite number of worlds where you can create whatever you want with all your friends. Everything in the world can be grown from trees - plant Dirt Trees, Lava Trees, and of course Jetpack Trees. Discover new items by mixing the seeds of trees you already have.


  • Build a house, dungeon, or anything else with your friends
  • A universe of unlimited worlds, all persistent and connected to eachother with doors you can build
  • Full chat and messaging, innovative lock system to protect your creations and give access to friends
  • Completely free, using a single currency which can be earned in-game
  • Plant seeds to grow trees, mix seed types to create new kinds of items
  • Hundreds of amazing items to discover
  • Supports Xperia Play controls
  • Optimized for small AND large screens
  • Original soundtrack by Cory Mollenhour

Download all screens in a .zip (1.2MB)
Make friends and make them build things for you! Locks protect your work from horrible people. Build obstacle courses and platforming challenges. There are an infinite number of worlds - name your own! Beware of lava. Cash in collected items for gems - keep your world clean. Wacky emote actions like /sleep let you communicate or just be stupid. Everything grows on trees!
Teaser Trailer Youtube

Teaser 2: Soulmates Youtube

Icons, Logos, And More:
Download all this stuff in a .zip (279KB)
Game Title
Game Icon
Hamumu Logo
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About The Developers

Mike Hommel runs Hamumu Software, proud creator of Dumb Games For Your PC (and sometimes Mac). He is largely responsible for the astonishingly gorgeous artwork you see in Growtopia. Also for the text on this website.

Seth Robinson runs Robinson Technologies, an independent game developer located in Japan that prides themselves on making unique and interesting games. His insignificant contribution to the magic of Growtopia lies on the code side - the bugs are his fault. Well, most of them.
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