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Frequent Issues
I lost my password!
Someone has logged into my account and took my stuff!
I bought some gems and never received them!
Somebody scammed me or smashed up my world!
I've been banned!
How can I write colored text?
How do I make a door go to where I want?
How do I Lock exactly what I want?
How can I get my own ideas included in the game?

Moderators are awesome, most extra especially @Hamumu. Can I be a moderator?
We would be happy to have more moderators, especially scattered across all the time zones. But to become one, what you need to do is get on the forums and start helping people out on there. When we see somebody who is really invested in the community and helping people all the time, and they don't break any rules themselves, and they are mature and friendly, that's when we pick them! And I said "on the forums" because that's where we can see it. We don't see much of what goes on in-game, since it's broken into hundreds of thousands of individual worlds. Unless you say something bad, because that's what we search for! Helping people out in game is great though, and if you do it enough, people will talk about THAT on the forum, and we will notice. But we'll notice you being helpful on the forum faster.

Don't work on that if you're just trying to be a moderator for the power - that's the last person we want as a moderator - but if that is your personality and your interest in Growtopia, it'll show, and we'll notice.

Also, don't ask us if you can be a moderator. That's the first sign for us that you are not a good choice as a moderator.

What about my super good other question?
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