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Frequent Issues
I lost my password!
Someone has logged into my account and took my stuff!
I bought some gems and never received them!
Somebody scammed me or smashed up my world!
I've been banned!
How can I write colored text?

How do I make a door go to where I want?
A door's target should read "WORLD:DOOR", where WORLD is the name of the world you want it to go to, and DOOR is the ID of the specific door you want it to go to. You can leave either part blank (say "WORLD" or ":DOOR" alone). Saying just a world name will take you to the white door in that world. Saying just a door ID will take you to that door in the current world. The "Display Label" on a door is just for looks - if you want to keep a door's ID secret, use a Display Label.

How do I Lock exactly what I want?
How can I get my own ideas included in the game?
Moderators are awesome, most extra especially @Hamumu. Can I be a moderator?
What about my super good other question?
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